Mistsong (RPED by Jetfeather)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: He is a black, long-furred tom with an indigo-gold eye, and an azure-cream eye.
Personality: He is rash, but authoritative, and very persuasive. He always has his own agenda.
History: He was born as a rogue, but joined IceClan later, then left to be a rogue again.
Family: Unknown
Extras: He doesn't like talking about his family ever since what he and Stormpool call "The Incident". He killed Icestar out of rage because only he and Stormpool got into the Clan and he wanted Shadowbender to be with them. He is like a magnet to all things; prey, friends, badgers, ect. He was previously best friends with Iceburn. He has feelings for Shadowbender, Stormpool, and Iceburn.



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