Frozenpaw (RPED by IcewrathXFeatherswirlXCraneheart)

Rank: Apprentice
Appearance: Frozenpaw is a sleek, jet black tom with icy blue eyes that sometimes betray no emotion, or are showing too much emotion.
Personality: He is quiet, and very analytical, and is constantly thinking, remembering, and analyzing. He will sometimes keep to himself as he is quite polite and he observes the behavior of those around him, and is always looking for a logical answer. He is a master of manipulation, one of the smartest cats in IceClan, and he thinks, even when he snaps, before he acts. He is an excellent hunter and fighter, known for his strong legs and shoulders and fast thinking. He also has another side to him, which is warm and loving. He is very petty, fussy, hard-headed, assertive, and might say or do no matter the consequence. On this side, he might break into fits of high-pitched giggling if he finds something amusing. Sometimes, he might freak out and can't be calmed down for a while.
History: Clanborn, but his parents died of greencough when he was only hours old with no siblings.
Family: Unknown
Extras: Mentor: Stormpool. Frozenpaw also has a large crush on Littlepaw. Like this secret, he has many more.



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